Resource Centres - Sports Facilities

'A sound mind in a sound body ' is an expression so familiar.It expresses a profound truth and formulates an ideal which every indiviual should set before himself.
For multi-faceted development of a child there needs to be organic connection between mind and body.
Quality physical education in school is an important part of student's comprehensive, all round education programme and a means of positively affecting life-long healthand well-being. The best way to ensure physical health and development is to teach pupils outdoor games and excercises.

We, at Pawar Public School firmly believe that stores would inculcate valuable qualities in young people, hence we teach our students to excel in the games and activities that follow:
Out Door Games : Foot Ball, Hand Ball, Volley Ball, Throw Ball , Cricket
Indoor Games : Chess , Carrom, Tennikoite, Badminton, Basket Ball
Mass Activities : Aerobics, Yoga, Drill & Marching, Lezium, Wands, Dumbells and Fitness Exercise.
Recreational Games : Dodge Ball & Double Dodge Ball, Standing Kho-Kho, Dog and the Bone, Bird in the next, duck duck goose, Langdi,to name a few.

We are sure that these games and activities would enable our pupils to imbibe the most essential assets such as sportsman spirit, honesty,intergrity and uprightness in their dealings with others paving the path for'A BETTER INDIA, A BETTER WORLD' !